Menu Advanced page

If the idea of hunting through emails, remembering phone calls and creating spreadsheets sounds like a huge headache, then our Menu Advanced page is the perfect solution for you.

Why use an Advanced page over a Basic page?

The Menu Basic page

Tells your guests what food they can look forward to at your wedding. If they need to let you know their selections prior to the wedding day they will have to email you or call you and tell you their choices. You then need to keep track of everything to give to your caterers.

See an example Menu Basic page

The Menu Advanced page

Within seconds of your guests sending their menu choices, all the information is automatically collated and updated and available for you to view. You are alerted by email every time there is a new response or a change to a previous submission. You can immediately see, from your up to date spreadsheet if there is anyone you need to chase up.
You can also keep track of guests’ dietary requirements, allergies, special requests and that awkward friend that just always has to make some substitution to their meal!

Full details of how to set up and edit the form, as well as view and download the responses will be provided when you place your order. Remember, we are always here to help you!

See an example Menu Advanced page

See an example Menu form

Click the image to see an example menu form.

Your responses spreadsheet is private and viewable only by you and your partner. You can allow others to access it if necessary.

See an example Response Spreadsheet

Click the image to see an example response spreadsheet