Gift List Advanced page

Finding the perfect way to ask your guests to financially contribute towards a dream honeymoon, a special trip or a unique experience, can be tricky. Using a Gift List Advanced page and working with our partners at Honeyfund, you can show your guests what their contribution is being spent on.

Why use an Advanced page over a Basic page?

A Gift List Basic page

Tells your guests where they can find your traditional in-store or online gift list and supply details of how they can access it.

A Gift List Advanced page

A Gift Lift Advanced page with Simple Wedding Websites allows you to offer a much wider range of ways for guests to gift you an exciting and unique wedding present.

In addition to the traditional in-store or online gift list, your guests can:

  • Donate to a chosen charity or charitable event.
  • Make secure, online payments to your bank account via bank transfer, debit or credit card.*
  • Purchase unique and original gifts created by you through our partners at Honeyfund.**

See an example Gift List Advanced page

* Please note all transfers to your bank account are handled through Paypal, who employ the highest encryption and security practices with people’s personal and banking data. Neither your website, nor Simple Wedding Websites completes any of the transactions or handles any sensitive data. You and your guests are totally safe!

** For more information on Honeyfund and to see some examples of the type of lists you can set up, please click the links below.

See and example “Experience gift list
See and example “Honeymoon/travel gift list