E-Invitations and RSVPs

Sort your wedding invitations and RSVPs quickly, easily and professionally…

An e-invitation offers a personal, bespoke and incredibly efficient and cost-effective way of organising your wedding invitations and RSVPs. E-invitations combine the best of both worlds. They offer the personalisation and creativity of traditional paper invitations combined with the speed and convenience of sending a text message to your guests asking for their RSVPs (in fact it’s even more helpful than this because it keeps track of all your RSVPs and gives those that haven’t responded a little nudge for you!)

Some really helpful features:

All your RSVPs will be automatically collated into a spreadsheet you can download in a couple of clicks. No hunting through emails, searching through messages, no compiling (and changing) responses as they come in.

You will have a complete report of who has received your invitation, who has opened the email and who has clicked the link to RSVP.

Your invitation will automatically be resent to those that haven’t opened youe e-invitation or that have not sent their RSVP.

The link for your guests to RSVP or to view your email invitation will be sent via text message to your guests to make sure they see your invitation and RSVP.

We can create (almost) anything you want! Send us your picture(s), let us know your theme colour(s) or style and we can work with you to come up with something amazing and personal just for you. See our gallery below for a little inspiration.

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Details and FAQs

What are e-invitations?

E-Invitations are beautifully designed, html emails that are personalised with your words and pictures to make unique wedding invitation emails.

Are they different to regular emails?

Yes! Firstly, they look great (viewed on mobiles, laptops, tablets etc…) but crucially, sent through our online platform they are carefully tracked to make sure they are delivered to your guests. No pressing send and hoping or waiting, instead have all the information and responses delivered directly to you.

Can they work with traditional invitations?

Yes of course! E-Invitations can be totally independent of, or they can be the perfect complement to, traditional invitations. They work great as the back-up to ensure everyone has sent their RSVP on time so you can get on with planning your special day.

What can you track?

You will know exactly when your email is delivered to your invited guest, when they have opened it and when they have sent their RSVP. No waiting around and no guesswork, meaning you can get on with organising everything else for your special day. we do all the chasing… We will automatically resend your invite to any guests that haven’t opened or responded. We can even send an SMS message with a special link to your invitation so you can be certain all your guests RSVP.

How do guests RSVP?

Your guests can RSVP online, quickly and easily using the special link we create in the email. No more waiting for the postman or checking emails, instead collect RSVPs online. You will get an instant notification of each new response and can download a spreadsheet of all your guests in just a couple of clicks.

Can I see an example of RSVP form/page?

Of course!



Click the image to see an example RSVP form. Or you can have a complete version embedded in your own wedding website, see our example RSVP Advanced Page for more info.

Can I see an example of the web link sent as an SMS message?

Your message can say whatever you need it to and can link to your email invitation, your RSVP list or your website. Click the link here to see the example RSVP form Https://tinyurl.com/JJwedding-26-08-18 or try this link to see an example wedding website https://janeandjohnwedding.com

Can it really save me time, effort & money?

You bet it can! No need to chase people for their address to then sit around writing out your invitations and return envelopes. No waiting for the post to deliver your invites. No uncertainty whether they have been received. No following up with emails and phone calls for an RSVP. No need (or expense) of supplying return addressed envelopes. Just all your invitations and RSVPs sorted quickly and professionally, leaving you free to get on with everything else!