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Beautiful and affordable wedding websites made just for you.

We know there is tons to do when planning a wedding.
Let us take one task off your hands.


Why use

Simple Wedding Websites?

Creating a wedding website is the most effective way to ensure your guests have all the information they need for your big day. It saves you time and effort by automatically collating information like RSVPs and menu choices. It can even collect and display all the photos taken by your guests on your big day. A wedding website means no need to constantly field phone calls, reply to emails and repeat the same information again and again and again…

At Simple Wedding Websites, we create perfect wedding websites at affordable prices.

We will find and buy your website name, build a webpage to your specifications, take care of hosting and registration arrangements and ensure you get the website you want. All you need to do is tell us about your special day and we take care of everything else. We can also create your website in other or even multiple languages!

Get your invitations and RSVPs quickly and professionally managed.

We know addressing, sending and chasing guests for their RSVPs can be time-consuming. We offer an e-Invitation service that takes care of all of this quickly, professionally and personally. No guesswork, no waiting, no chasing required. Find out more about our e-Invitation service that lets you get on with everything else necessary for a great wedding day.

No fuss, no mess, no frustration. Just a beautiful website made only for you.

Still have questions? Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, drop us a message on our contact us page, send us an email to or call us on +44 (0)208 1234 4430. Many of the most common questions can be found on our FAQ page, or downloadable as info factsheets from the links in the footer.

Finally, please check our page on why use Simple Wedding Websites over our competitors and see how we stack up!