Website pages

Simple Wedding Websites lets you choose only the pages you want to create your unique website.
Your website will of course have a Homepage. You then select from our “Speciality” and “Regular” pages, described below. If these don’t cover exactly what you want, there is the option to add additional pages, where you tell us the title and content.

Simply choose what pages you want and we’ll do the rest!

Additionally, any of your individual pages can be “password protected”, meaning only selected guests will be able to access these. Or you can password protect your entire site.

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Regular pages

The bread and butter of your website! You can choose what regular pages you want, but we know from experience that the following pages can be helpful. You can of course change the title of any of the pages listed below, just let us know what you want it to be called.


Where will your ceremony be taking place, address and driving details, parking and public transport options etc…

Order of service

Let your guests know how your ceremony will unfold and what parts they will play.


Make sure your guests get to dinner and the party!

RSVP Basic

This can either be a simple “contact us” type form page or a link to your email address that your guests can reply to, in order to confirm their attendance.

Menu Basic

Let your guests know what food they can look forward to. You can always add this page later once your catering is finalised.

Gift List Basic

A polite way of informing your guests where they can find your gift list including a direct link to your chosen shop.


Make sure your guests get to your venue(s)! Give full address details, maps, directions etc and anything else that might be helpful.


If your wedding is not local to your guests, let them know what accommodation is available in the area or tell them about any reservations you may have made specifically for your wedding party at nearby hotels or BnB’s.

Contact us

Many couples find it easier to have a dedicated email address for everything wedding related. With a contact us page they don’t need to hunt around for this address, they can get a message to you directly through your website.


Most important, let your guests know where they need to be and at what time!

Wedding Weekend

If you are planning a “wedding weekend” and have activities happening either side of the main wedding day, we recommend a wedding weekend page that can incorporate all those necessary details.

Our story

Let those +1’s or distant relatives know a little more about your partner and how you two met.

Local Area

What is there to see and do in the local area? Let your guests know why you have chosen this special place for your wedding.

Music Playlist

Do you want to let your guests add song suggestions to your playlist? Why not invite everyone to list their favourite song of all time to be played at your wedding?


Are you off somewhere special after your big day? Let your guests know where you are headed and what exciting things you will be getting up to on your trip.

Additional pages

If you still don’t think you will have exactly the website you want using the pages listed above and need a page about a totally different topic, you can always add an “additional page” to your shopping cart. You tell us what you want the page to be called and provide the copy and we’ll make it happen. There is no limit to how many additional pages you can add!

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Speciality pages

We have a few pages that do something a bit more fancy than the regular version of the page. Highly recommended if you don’t want to spend your time hunting through emails for RSVP responses or creating spreadsheets of what people have selected for their meal at your wedding!

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RSVP Advanced

The easiest way to manage your guest responses and keep track of who is coming, who can’t make it, who are bringing children and much more! Using our specially created form keeping track of all the details couldn’t be easier.

Menu Advanced

A stress free way of automatically collating and updating everyone’s menu choices as they come in. It can also keep track of any special requests, allergies and anything else necessary.

Gift List Advanced

In addition to a traditional gift list at a selected shop, you can also accept secure online payments by debit or credit card to your own bank account or a selected charity. Using our recommended partner you can even create your own completely unique list of exciting travel and experiential gifts your guests can contribute towards.

Photo Gallery

Let your guests upload photos of your wedding directly to your own website to display in a beautiful online gallery. Easy for all your guests to look through everyone’s pics and more private than Facebook!

Password protected page(s)

These pages are only accessible to those to whom you have given the password and are for exclusive or invite-only guests. Great for letting your selected guests know about Hen or Stag party arrangements, Bridesmaid’s lunches or Rehearsal dinners. You can select individual pages to password protect or opt to put a password over your entire website.

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